In 1927 in Turin, the young engineer Giulio De Cardenas became an agent for Italy of a well-known American manufacturer of industrial fans. A long story began. After moving the com-pany to Milan due to the beginning of in-house manufacturing, De Cardenas continued to grow adapting itself to the market request. The Company’s evolution was pointed to manufac-turing of industrial fans, air heating and cooling batteries and air conditioning since from the ‘30s; then came the realization of plants for fume fi ltration of large steel mills and combustion gases of power plants, and so on.

A new manufacturing site located in Arcore (Milan area) started in 1963. The company, well recognized in the global market, was then sold to a big industrial group from which, in 1997, BOLDROCCHI bought the industrial fans division spin off.

According to the evolution of the products range of Boldrocchi, the brand De Cardenas is today back on
the market as manufacturer of a new range of fans still produced in the historical site of Arco-re. A real reintroducing-to-market operation in sinergy with the other companies of the group. And the story goes on.

Sede De Cardenas