Reversible flow axial fans for tunnel


The Jet fans have been developed for ventilation of tunnels with aggressive atmospheres such as road traffic and train tunnels. 
They provide an effective way of handling polluted air and smoke from fires.  The fans are in fact part of many concepts for firefighting.

The complete range of DJF fans meets all designer’s and final user needs, are available with impeller diameters from 630 mm to 1600 mm and thrusts from 150 N to 2900 N.

For special applications, it is available a dedicated impeller made with a special composite material that, with this aerofoil profile, it is able to reach up to 8.500N of thrust in open field.

All sizes of the range could be delivered with unidirectional or reversible flow (reversibility more than 95%). On demand, fans can be supplied with a built-in “smart system” for an accurate running of thrust and short time inverse flow direction change, real-time monitoring of the life parameters remotely managed by the tunnel control system or by wireless device.

Designed, manufactured and certified according to the standards EN 12101-3:2015, the fans could be divided into three resistance class according to temperature and operating time requirement under temperature: F200, F300 and F400.


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