Industrial fans

Industrial fans

Industrial fans are electro-mechanical instruments that allow a fluid to move within a network of ducts or in free air in various industrial processes.
The fans are characterized by 3 essential sizes:

The flow rate of the fluid which is typically expressed in m3/h or m3/s

The pressure (Static / Dynamic / Total) that the fan imparts to the fluid to overcome the pressure drops of the system in which it is installed and is generally expressed in Pa or in mmCA (mm of Water Column)

Efficiency, i.e. the ratio between the performance of the fan (flow rate – total pressure) and the electrical power used to produce such performance (which is typically measured in kW).

De Cardenas designs, produces and distributes different types of industrial fans, adapting them to the needs of different sectors, offering a vast range of accessories for each application.

Industrial fans are divided into two product families:

De Cardenas centrifugal fans: these fans represent the most common type for industrial process plants where a high operating pressure, the passage of fluids at constantly high temperatures and/or the passage of potentially corrosive fluids is typically required. They are characterized by a rotor that turns at high speed inside a snail-shaped auger, generating a delivery air flow orthogonal to the intake air flow. Centrifugal fans are available in a wide range of sizes, orientations and performances.

De Cardenas axial fans: Axial fans are characterized by an impeller that rotates axially (parallel) to the air flow it generates, for this very reason these fans can have both a unidirectional air flow and a reversible air. These fans, compared to the centrifugal type, are capable of generating a large volume of air and are mainly used in infrastructures (tunnels, subways, railways) but also in civil and naval HVAC systems. A particular category of these fans is intended for the extraction of hot fumes and is certified in accordance with the EN12101-3:2015 standard to obtain the F400 operating class, i.e. the possibility of operating in emergency at the maximum temperature of 400°C for a 2 hour period.

Jet fan De Cardenas: jet fans are a variant of axial fans specially designed to work with “FREE MOUTH” and are capable of imparting a high exit speed to the air, therefore a considerable kinetic energy. The performance specification that characterizes these fans is the axial thrust, a quantity that is measured in NEWTONS since it represents the force that the fan is able to impart to the air. Jet fans are mainly used in road and railway tunnels and are certified in accordance with EN12101-3:2015 to obtain the F400 operating class, i.e. the possibility of operating in emergency at a maximum temperature of 400°C for a period of 2 hours.

Industrial fan applications

Our industrial fans are used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Petrochemical industries and refineries
  • Steel industry and foundries
  • Cement factories and pharmaceutical industry
  • Infrastructure: Metro, tunnels and railways
  • Incinerators and waste-to-energy plants
  • Chemical industry and Fertilizers
  • Co-generation and energy generation plants
  • Shipyards

De Cardenas Fans and Service is an Italian company, leader in the design, production and distribution of industrial fans designed to meet the needs of every type of application.

We have a team of highly qualified technicians and engineers, who constantly work to develop new innovative solutions. The company invests in research and development to develop more efficient, reliable and sustainable industrial fans.