Axial Fans

Axial fans for industrial use and civil infrastructures

Industrial and civil infrastructure axial fans: three categories available. Industrial axial fans are divided into three categories: DXH, DXL and DJF.

The DXH series is designed for tramway, railway and industrial ventilation systems.

The DXL series is suitable for light applications in civil, industrial and road infrastructures, such as filter rooms, bypasses and underground car parks.

The DJF series, or De Cardenas Jet Fan, represents the entire range of tunnel accelerators with a minimum length of the booster of 630 mm and a maximum of 1600 mm. All types of fans can be supplied with unidirectional or reversible flow (reversibility > 95%). The motors that equip our fans are of minimum efficiency class IE3.

The DXH and DJF series are designed, manufactured and certified according to EN 12101-3:2015 standards and can be divided into three resistance classes according to temperature and operating requirements: F200, F300 and F400. DXH fans provide high air volume at high pressure and can be used as hot smoke extractors, also ensuring high reliability at high temperatures

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