Axial fans for industrial use or for infrastructure


Designed for transversal ventilation systems, metro and rail project and industrial process, the DXH Axial fans provide high air volume and high pressure, suitable for normal operating life of ventilation system and in emergency conditions when, beyond performances, a high reliability must be ensured for the smoke control.

The complete range of DXH fans meets all designer’s and final user needs, are available with impeller diameters from 1000 mm to 2500 mm and power up to 1 MW. DXH fans can be coupled in series to generate multistage machines, particularly useful when very high pressures with large volumes of air are required.

All sizes of the range could be delivered with unidirectional or reversible flow (reversibility > 95%).

Designed, manufactured and certified according to the standards EN 12101-3:2015, the fans could be divided into three resistance class according to temperature and operating time requirement under temperature: F200, F300 and F400.

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Axial fans

Axial fans for industrial use or for infrastructure