Ventilatori industriali Centrifughi De Cardenas

De Cardenas: Production of Centrifugal Fans and Axial Fans

In 1927, the young engineer Giulio De Cardenas decided to represent a renowned American fan factory for Italy on his own in Turin, thus starting a long history. After moving the business to Milan and starting its own manufacturing, De Cardenas grew by diversifying its production to adapt to the market from time to time, specializing in the construction of fans and coils for air heating/cooling since 1930s; subsequently we arrive at plant engineering activities in the field of land and naval air conditioning and the construction of systems for the depollution of fumes coming from large integral cycle steel mills and combustion gases discharged into the atmosphere from thermoelectric power plants, as well as to large fans for thermoelectric power plants and the steel industry.The new Arcore plant entered production in 1963. The company, which had become mature for world markets, was then sold to a large industrial group from which, in 1997, BOLDROCCHI took over the activity linked to Industrial Fans. With the evolution of the Boldrocchi product range, the De Cardenas name returns today to be used on the market with a new range of fans which are produced in the historic Arcore factory following an operation to truly relaunch the brand in synergy with the other companies of the Group. And the story continues.

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Production of industrial fansIndustrial Fans and De Cardenas are a combination from beginning of the last century, therefore a guarantee of experience and competence in the sector. Today De Cardeas produces Centrifugal Fans, Axial Fans and Jet fans for carious industrial types and provides assistance, mantenance and control services on its fans on machines of other brands.
Ventilatori industriali Centrifughi De Cardenas


DE CARDENAS produces a wide range of industrial fans to meet the needs of multiple sectors. Our fans are designed for high performance, reliability and durability.We offer a full range of fans, including:
- Centrifugal fans
- Process fans
- Axial fans with both unidirectional flow and reversible flow
- Fans for hot fume extraction certified in accordance with EN12101-3:2015 up to class F400
- ATEX certified fans
Our products are used in a wide range of applications, including:
- Petrochemical industries and refineries
- Steel industries and foundries
- Chemical and fertilizer industries
- Co-generation and energy generation systems
- Incinerators and waste-to-energy plants
- Industrial boilers
- Paper and glass industries
- Cement factories
- Pharmaceutical industries
- Railway sector
- Shipyards.


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Milan headquarters – Production plant and offices
Rome office – Axial Division technical-commercial office